AG Schilling & Co

AG Schilling & Co is a family owned diverse agribusiness which has been operating in the Cunliffe area of Northern Yorke Peninsula South Australia since 1964. AG Schilling & Co is vertically integrated throughout the grain and fodder supply chain. Our vertically integrated business enables us to not only produce high quality grain and fodder, but we also have the facilities and expertise to store, process/manufacture and transport our products directly to consumers.

The vertically integrated nature of AG Schilling & Co enables us to offer premium quality products to our customers with complete traceability throughout the production systems.

LongReach Soaker is available exclusively through AG Schilling & Co

Paddock to Seed

For our quality Cereal, Pulse and Oil Seed varieties.


For our seeding to harvest technology with AG Culture.

Paddock to Bait

For our zinc phosphide mouse bait with Their Last Supper.

Paddock to Pint

(our favourite)
For our beer with Yorke Premium.

Paddock to Plate

For our pulses with Dirty Inc.