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AG Schilling & Co imports business is now trading as AG Culture.

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AG Culture Pty Ltd

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Atom Jet, S3 AWS Airbar, Needham Ag Technologies, AGI Westfield

AG Schilling & Co Imports

The AG Schilling & Co and AG Culture journey began in 2007 with importing our first product, Atom Jet seeding openers. The objective of the business has always been to improve the farming operation by accessing products which are currently not available to Australian farmers. In the case of Atom Jet, the objective was to find a No-Till seeding point which would assist in moisture conservation while withstanding the punishing conditions of the limestone-filled Yorke Peninsula soils. As with all products sold by AG Culture, Atom Jet openers were initially tested on the AG Schilling & Co farm in 2006. This followed with negotiations to be Australia’s sole importer and were confirmed in 2007.

While Australia is quite large in terms of land area, our broad acre farming industry is quite small compared to other nations such as the United States of America and Canada. AG Culture looks to these nations when seeking out new products because often their farming systems are similar to ours. However, they have greater access to products and technologies due to large manufacturing industries.

ag culture Product Range

Since the initial on farm success of Atom Jet in 2006, several other products have been sort out and tested by the AG Schilling & Co team. Many of the products tested, have failed to meet expectations or the needs of Australian farming businesses. However, a few select products which have passed the AG Schilling & Co test now represent our product range.


The objectives of seeking out current products:

AG Schilling & Co Product Objective


A No-Till seeding opener which would increase moisture conservation while withstanding the punishing limestone-filled soils of Yorke Peninsula. Atom Jet
A harvest system which would reduce cutter bar loss; particularly when harvesting sparse pulse crops in marginal seasons. S3 AWS Airbar
Achieve a more accurate seed place and reduce maintenance cost of John Deere disc seeding machines. Needham Ag Technologies
Simple, low maintenance and efficient means of handling grain, in particular pulses which are prone to damage through traditional augers. AGI Westfield


Ag culture begins

By 2018, the AG Schilling & Co import business had grown to a point where it was ready to be a business of its own and AG Culture Pty Ltd was born. With the creation of AG Culture and the appointment of General Manager, Gavin Wilson, the importation side of the AG Schilling & Co business is now able to grow further and better support all customers. Gavin Wilson brings extensive agricultural sales experience and a vibrant personality to the business. AG Culture’s objective is simple; provide Australian farmers with intelligent farm solutions.

ag culture now offers the complete product range previously available through AG Schilling & Co:

Atom Jet seeding openers

Westfield grain handling equipment

Needham Ag Technologies