Dirty Inc

Dirty Inc is the brain child of well renowned chef Simon Bryant and stems from his belief that it’s not the chef that makes the meal, it’s the ingredients.

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Dirty Inc

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Lentils, peas, chickpeas, broad beans, dal, wakame, raw honey, peanut oil.

Dirty Inc’s background

Simon’s food philosophy is simple: “I just want the most ethically sourced, local and fresh ingredients. I reckon my job is just to get these onto a plate with a minimum of fuss and let the produce shine.”

With this philosophy in mind, Simon Bryant has set about finding the products which match his beliefs and make them available for all Dirty customers. Anything from Kangaroo Island Broad Beans to Tasmanian Dried Wakame, Kingaroy Peanut Oil and of course Yorke Peninsula Lentils and Chickpeas from AG Schilling & Co. Behind all of these products are the farmers that produce them and understanding the farmers story is as much apart of the journey as understanding the food.

Dirty Inc and
AG Schilling & Co

Wind back the clock a bit to the late 90’s and the AG Schilling & Co pulse journey is beginning to pick up significant momentum. This was driven by changing farming systems and improved Lentil varieties now offer Yorke Peninsula farmers a new profitable crop to be grown. The journey started with growing lentils, next storage facilities were built and processing/exports facilities soon followed. As exciting as it was to see the AG Schilling & Co farm products being exported to the world, Marks drive was still to see our products being eaten locally.

As skilled of a man as Mark Schilling is, a lifetime of lessons learnt from growing and processing grain was not enough to give him the skills to take the pulses to the Australian people. For this, a person renowned for loving food and flavour, a person connected to restaurants and chefs and of course a person who actually knows how to cook was what was needed to help this project along.

Through a mutual acquaintance in 2013, Mark and Simon Bryant had their first opportunity to meet. Simon wanted to see what pulses were being produced in South Australia and as luck would have it, Mark was in fact harvesting lentils. A 3 hour ride in the harvester together was enough to begin writing the next chapter.