Grains Innovation Australia (GIA)

Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) is an independent private breeding company dedicated to the development and rapid delivery of innovative crop varieties for growers.

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Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) 

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Pulse, cereal, oilseed

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Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) background

Founded in 2013 through investment by a team of farmers, breeders, agronomists, seed and grain processors and marketing experts. GIA has a vertically integrated breeding to market business model which is supported via Australia’s end point royalty (EPR) system. EPRs allow GIA to continue to invest in their breeding program and keep coming up with varieties that address grower needs for the next generation.

GIA has rapidly progressed towards product delivery to market and successfully released a variety of crop varieties, including several world first lentil, pea and hay oat varieties. GIA’s first achievement was the world-first imi-tolerant oaten hay variety Kingbale.

Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) and AG Schilling & Co

Mark Schilling is one of the founders of Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) along with Kadina school mate, Dr Michael Materne, SA lentil gurus Dr Larn McMurray and Sam Holmes and 6 more passionate growers, breeders and agronomists. AG Schilling & Co has proudly hosted GIA research trials on the property since the beginning and now half of the farm grows GIA varieties and its expanding.

AG Schilling & Co is excited about the range of herbicide-tolerant options coming to market that are suited across different soil types and conditions in Australia. In particular, GIA Thunder and GIA Lightning which are both IMI tolerant. GIA Thunder has topped yield trials everywhere. GIA Lightning can cope better on sandy soils and is a direct result of our great partnership with The South Australian Grain Industry Trust (SAGIT).


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Visit Grains Innovation Australia (GIA)’s website for current information on varities available including Thunder IMI lentil, Lightning IMI lentil, Leader IMI lentil, Anvil CL Plus wheat, Kastar pea, Ourstar pea, Archer hay oat and Kingbale hay oat.

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