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Mice plagues during the seasons of 2010-2014 throughout the southern grain belt saw farmers seeking more economically viable mice control options. Wilchem Pty Ltd in partnership with 5 farm-based manufacturing plants brought Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (Broadacre) Mouse Bait to market in 2014. The initial production of unsterilized wheat based Zinc Phosphide bait gave farmers a reliable mice control option at less than one third of the cost of previously available products on the market.

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Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (Broadacre) Mouse Bait

Wilchem pty ltd: solutions for agriculture

Wilchem formulates and manufactures micro-nutrients for all broadacre cropping applications and distributes these products via a specialist dealer network throughout South Australia and Victoria. Wilchem also undertakesĀ third party Toll Manufacturing of biological and organic crop nutrition products as well pest control products including Metaldehyde snail/slug baits and Zinc Phosphide mice bait. We understand the vagaries of agriculture, the unpredictability of weather systems and the needs of Australian farmers.

Emerging pest resulting from conservation farming practices

The shift towards no till and stubble retention farming systems throughout the southern Australian grain belt has seen significant yield improvements for farmers. These conservation farming methods however have also resulted in favourable habits for a new spectrum of pest including mice, snails and slugs. In order to control these new pests, farmers are implementing Integrated Pest Management practise which are seeing them use a variety of tools including mechanical (strategic tillage, cabling, rolling), crop rotation, strategic burning and chemical baiting to combat the evolving issues.

About Zinc Phosphide
Mouse Bait

Zinc Phosphide (ZP) was first used to control mice in Australian broad acre farming systems under emergency permit in 1997 before achieving registration in 2000. Zinc Phosphide has become the preferred rodenticide for broad acre mice control as it is: well accepted by rodents, does not leave residues in crops or the environment and has low impact on secondary non-target species. The standard dose rate for Zinc Phosphide mouse bate is 25g ZP/kg which equates to 1 mg of ZP per grain of wheat bait. This dose rate means a single grain provides the lethal dose to an adult mouse.

Current Last Supper Products Available

Since the initial offering of only unsterilized ZP bait in 150kg drum in 2014, the Wilchem product range of Last Supper Zinc Phosphide has expanded. With the assistance of its manufacturing partners, like
AG Schilling & Co, Wilchem is now able to offer customers both sterilized and unsterilized wheat based baits as well as packaging sizes including 150kg drums and 500kg plastic lined bulka bags. We also offer pellets in 500kg bulka bag.

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Suppliers of Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (Broadacre) Mouse Bait

Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (Broadacre) Mouse Bait can be purchased directly through Wilchems manufacturing partners such as AG Schilling & Co or through a variety of retail outlets across Australia including: Elders, Nutrien Ag Solutions, CRT stores, A.W. Vaters and Co, YP AG, Crop Smart, J & DĀ Southwood and many more.

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