Pacific Seeds

Pacific Seeds is a brand of Advanta Seeds which broad acre crop programs include sorghum, corn, canola, wheat and summer forage.

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Advanta Seeds

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Australian wheat and barley

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Pacific Seed’s History

The Pacific Seeds story in Australia dates back to 1962 when a leading US research firm introduced safflower crops into Central Queensland and established a base in Biloela. In 1996 Pacific Seeds joined Advanta Seeds and in 2015 changed their operating name from Pacific Seeds to Advanta seeds.

Pacific Seeds have continued to maintain a presence in Australian agriculture. As a major shareholder in LongReach Plant Breeders, they added wheat to their existing broad acre crop programs of sorghum, corn, canola and summer forage. LongReach Plant Breeders is a successful wheat breeding company that has realised South Australian classified Australian Hard (AH) varieties such as Scout released in 2007, Cobra in 2011 and Arrow in 2016. Along with long season AH variety Phantom released in 2012 and Australian Premium Wheat (APW) variety Trojan released in 2013, which continues to be one of the top performers on farm.

Pacific Seeds Associates Network

AG Schilling & Co are proud members of Pacific Seeds Associates Network. The Associates Network is an integral part of Pacific Seeds and LongReach Plant Breeders strategy in releasing new wheat varieties into the market place. It is the associates who undertake the initial seed bulk up ahead of the variety being available to growers. And they are also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of variety seed supplies to ensure pure quality seed is available during those early years of adoption.

Pacific Seeds and
AG Schilling & Co

AG Schilling & Co have enjoyed a lengthy relationship and been an ongoing supporter of LongReach Plant Breeders and Pacific Seeds. Having now hosted company plant breeding trials on the property for several years. While the breeding trials provide LongReach Plant Breeders with vital yield and agronomic data, it also provides an excellent opportunity for AG Schilling & Co to spend some time with the Breeder. And also see new varieties in their infancy well before being released to the wider industry.

Useful External Resources

South Australian Wheat Varieties

Visit Pacific Seeds website for more information on South Australian wheat varieties by LongReach Plant Breeders (LRPB) including Matador and Anvil CL Plus.

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