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PB Seeds is the commercial Partner to the Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA) Lentil Program and have been instrumental in the fast tracking of PBA lentil varieties to growers nationally.  Successful varieties born from this program have included PBA Jumbo2 and game changing herbicide tolerant varieties such as PBA Hurricane XT.

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PB Seeds’ History

PB SEEDS origins began on the 1200ha Blair family property at Kalkee, north of Horsham, where Peter Blair’s father Tom operated a mixed farming system of sheep and grains. It was in the 80’s that Peter saw traditionally grown grains begin to become less profitable and began experimenting with pulses, particularly chickpeas, lentils and field peas as alternative crops.

At that stage, pulse crops had largely been unseen in Australia and Australian adapted varieties and research were practically non-existent.  It was through imported Canadian green lentils that Peter began his pulse journey and to this day is why he is credited with being one of the Pioneers of the Australian lentil industry.

Seednet Released Varieties of Relevance for South Australian Growers

The PB Seeds, AG Schilling and Co relationship began in the early 2000’s. Initially with the purchase of lentil seed for the AG Schilling & Co farm but as time passed AG Schilling & Co become a seed grower and then later a seed processor for PB Seeds. AG Schilling & Co now works closely with PB Seeds assisting with production, processing and distribution of new pulse varieties throughout the southern grain belt.

AG Schilling & Co is able to offer all PB Seeds varieties to clients in a range of pack sizes including: 500kg bulka bags, 1000kg bulka bags and bulk shipments

PB Seeds Varieties



Red Lentil

Small Red Lentil

PBA Hurricane XT

Small Red Lentil

PBA Herald XT


Medium Red Lentil

PBA Hallmark XT

Medium Red Lentil


Medium Red Lentil

PBA Bolt

Medium Red Lentil

PBA Flash

Medium Red Lentil

PBA Blitz

Large Red Lentil

PBA Jumbo 2

Large Red Lentil

PBA Jumbo

Green Lentil

Medium Green Lentil

PBA Greenfields

Large Green Lentil

PBA Giant

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For more information on all varieties visit PB Seeds website below.

Order your PB SEEDS varieties today from AG Schilling & Co