Yorke Premium

Passionate food producers helping to deliver sustainably produced food for all families to enjoy. Yorke Premium showcases products with
Yorke Peninsula providence while emphasising the families and businesses responsible for producing the highest quality sustainably grown food.

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Yorke Premium

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Malbro Mid Beer, Malted Banks Barley

Yorke Premium and
AG Schilling & Co

Yorke Premium came to life in 2018 as the AG Schilling & Co team took the next step in delivering farm grown products from the paddock to customer plates. For us the name was to say it all with the objective to showcase the Premium quality products which are grown and produced on Yorke Peninsula South Australia.

Our providence focused products not only allow consumers to easily recognise the region where the food was produced just by the name, but they also offer complete traceability back to the paddock in which the ingredients were grown. As food producers for Australia, and the world,
AG Schilling & Co strives to deliver sustainable grown food of the highest quality and we enjoy showing and telling everyone about it almost as much as we enjoy eating it ourselves!

Yorke Peninsula and Malt Barley

As many of us enjoy relaxing with a beer near the beach, it appears malt barley varieties also thrive when surrounded by the ocean. A combination of rich fertile soil and a mild climate (thanks to the sea breezes) during grain fill are just a couple of reasons why Yorke Peninsula has long been renown throughout the world for its ability to produce premium quality malt barley.

With the Yorke Peninsula being renown for Malt Barley, it was an easy choice as to what Yorke Premiums first product should be. In August 2018, Yorke Premium released its first product, Malbro Mid, a craft beer full of flavour and showcasing malt barley in its best form.

More than a product

Releasing a food product for any consumers to enjoy not only allows
AG Schilling & Co to showcase the quality products grown and produced throughout our business but in the case of Malbro Mid it has also given us an opportunity to acknowledge one of the silent partners within our business.

“Malbro Mid” was named after Malbro Pty Ltd which is trading entity of Brian and Margret Hallo who have been a share farming partner of AG Schilling & Co for over 15 years. The Hallo’s property makes up almost 30% of the land currently farmed. AG Schilling & Co’s belief is that the more connections which can be made to the land and the people which help produce our food, the more our consumers will understand and trust our products.

As the Yorke Premium product lines continue to grow, our aim to continue to showcase more of our partners along the way.