AG Schilling & Co Farm

AG Schilling & Co operates a 2500ha cereal and pulse grain farm on Northern Yorke Peninsula South Australia. The farming operation is made up of 6 properties which are located between the towns of Kadina, Paskeville and Arthurton. As with many southern Australia grain farms, the land we operate on is a combination of owned land, leased land and share farming land.

The mild climate, reliable rainfall and fertile soils of Yorke Peninsula allow a wide range of cereal, pulse and oil seed crops to be grown.

Growing focus

AG Schilling & Co farm focuses mainly on growing wheat, barley, oats, lentils, chickpeas and linseed for both the domestic and export markets. Our growing season commences with planting during late April through to the end of May. Crops then have a 150-180 day growing period which sees harvest commence in late October and continue through to December.


Producing sustainably grown grains is the objective of the AG Schilling & Co farm. Operating under a Zero Till complete stubble retention system is allowing us to improved water use efficiency as well as increase soil organic matter and soil health. Technology is implemented through out the farming operation from GPS steered machinery, to satellite imagery for monitoring crop growth patterns and soil/weather monitor devices. The technology allows us to implement Variable Rate inputs, which matches the fertiliser and chemicals inputs to the areas of our fields required them. Improving the soil health and minimising chemical usage while still maximising the food production potential of our land is how we believe sustainability can be achieved.