Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait

Zinc Phosphide (ZP) has become the preferred rodenticide for broad acre mice control. The standard dose rate for Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait is 25g ZP/kg which equates to 1 mg of ZP per grain of wheat bait. This dose rate means a single grain provides the lethal dose to an adult mouse. Zinc Phosphide is considered an S7 chemical and therefore a current ChemCert licence must be held to purchase the product.

Benefits of Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait

  • well accepted by rodents
  • does not leave residues in crops or the environment
  • has low impact on secondary non-target species

The need for an economically viable mice control option

During the period of 2010-14 farmers throughout the South Australian grain regions were experiencing an increased need to control mice to prevent significant crop losses. At this point, there was only a single registered manufacturer of Zinc Phosphide (ZP) mouse bait and AG Schilling & Co farming operation was facing a mouse control cost of $16-24/ha in bait alone. In an attempt to reduce the cost to our farming operation, and surrounding neighbours, in 2014 AG Schilling & Co become a registered manufacture of ZP mice bait for Wilchem Pty Ltd under the Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (Broadacre) Mouse Bait label. As one of the 5 farmer managed operations established in 2014, we were able to offer surrounding farmers a registered mice control option at a cost of less than one third of the other commercially available products at the time.

Production System

From the humble beginnings of a converted grain feed mixer with production capacity of 10t per day in 2014, AG Schilling & Co has since invested heavily in improving its product and production capacity. This investment saw the commission of fully automated batching plant in February 2018. The new plant has seen production capacity grow from 10t/day to >30t/day and deliver a highly consistent product to customers through a just in time system ordering system.

All wheat used in the manufacturing of our ZP bait is processed through our on site cleaning plant prior to treatment allowing us to maintain completed traceability of from the production of the grain through to the dispatch of the completed bait. Quality Assurance checks are completed through the process and reports can be issued upon request by clients.

Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait

Products Available

  • Non sterilized wheat based Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (broadacre) Mouse Bait
  • Sterilized wheat based Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (broadacre) Mouse Bait

From 2014 through to today, non sterilized wheat based ZP mouse bait is still our top selling product. Made from locally grown wheat cleaned on site to the highest levels of purity, non-sterilized ZP mouse bait offers all farmers a cheap, effective, register broadacre mice control option.

In 2018, we were excited to be able to offer clients for the first time, Sterilized wheat based ZP mouse bait. Our sterilized product once again is made from locally sourced wheat which is cleaned on site and then sent off site to undergo sterilization before returning to complete the manufacturing process. For farmers concerned about contamination of their seed crops from spreading non sterilized wheat grain, our Sterilized ZP bait offers them an economically viable, effective, registered mice control option without compromising crop purity.

Packaging Sizes Available

  • Pellet
  • 150kg sealed drums
  • 500kg plastic lined bulka bags

AG Schilling & Co understands the farmer operations come in all shapes and sizes and therefore we happy to offer our clients 2 pack sizes of 150kg sealed drums and 500kg plastic line bulka bags and we do not have a minimum required order.

Application Rate

  • Bait to be applied at 1kg/ha
  • 1kg/ha will equate to 2-3 grains/m2

Last Supper Zinc Phosphide (broadacre) Mouse Bait is to be applied in accordance to the registered label rate and prescribed conditions.

Purchasing AG Schilling & Co manufactured Last Supper Zinc Phosphide Mouse Bait

You can purchase directly from AG Schilling & Co via our online order form and we will dispatch your orders directly from Adelaide using your preferred transport provider. Alternatively, our products are now being stocked widely through a variety of retail outlets across Australia including: Elders, Nutrien Ag Solutions, CRT stores, A.W. Vaters and Co, YP AG, Crop Smart, J & D Southwood and many more.

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